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>> onehere's a student planking on the 405. mop p apped that photo. >> so cute. that's what making news in america this morning. >> stay tuned for live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead the forecast to needlessly, as the d.c. region paris for dangerously high temperatures. good morning, washington. it's monday, july 18. good to have you with us. i am pamela brown. >> i am jennifer donelan. we would check in with allie oakley for traffic. but first, adam caskey. >> the real heal will hit us later this week, especially by
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thursday into the first part of the weekend. while the outside right now, 76 in the district, 71 at dulles airport cumberland at 66. quantico, 73. wide range in temperatures. high temperatures in the low to mid 90's. 93 locally, a few degrees above average. south wins at 5-10. -- wind. thunderstorms will be all parts of to our northwest -- and thunderstorms will be falling apart to our north west tomorrow. scattered storms, partly cloudy tomorrow. 91101 by friday. back to you. >> thank you. police are investigating a double shooting that happens overnight unburdens per. a teenager was shot and abdomen
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at an apartment complex on 57th avenue. and 18-year-old male shot in the arm. the shooting was a result of an attempted robbery. no arrests of been made. four notes and a marina deck caught fire at the "washington post club along the anacostia river near the 11th street bridge. no word on the cause. we will have the latest in a live report in our newscast. -- four boats and a marina deck caught on fire at the washington club. 6 casey anthony released from prison. >> she had a sigh of relief when she walked out. >> it took about 20 seconds to
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walk out of the orange county jail in orlando into a blinding media frenzy. >> we are seeing right now blocking out and getting into the car. >> she is coming out the front door. >> acquitted of killing her two-year-old daughter caylee if earlier this month was greeted by a throng of protesters. some of them were kinder than others. >> people must respect the judicial system and let her and her family live their lives. >> to protest that this killer is getting out. she had a jury trial that was not just. >> in the middle of the night casey anthony got out of the suv and left on a private jet owned by a wealthy california attorney link in some way to her defense team. where she is remains a mystery. she avoided conviction, but with only $537, no job no home, and
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a strained relationship with her family, it's hard to know wi where the infamous 25-year-old will end of next. >> she will probably be able to get a million dollars out of this in the appeals and so on. >> some people may not want to touch casey anthony because they don't want to profit from someone who got away with murder. >> she faces a defamation lawsuits and faces a lawsuit from a search and rescue team the donated more than $100,000 to try to find little caylee. they would like to be reimbursed. jay korff reporting. >> you can read more about the case and what's next for casey anthony our website, two people died and dozens more were injured " a tour bus headed from washington, d.c. to
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niagara falls crashed in western new york. some passengers suffered serious injuries and others minor injuries. a tidal allowed to give cause the driver to lose control on interstate 390 near rochester. d.c. police searching for the person who shot a 14-year- old boy in southeast d.c. around 10:00 last night in the 3200 block of stanton road. the victim was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. there's no word on his identity or what led to the shooting. the investigation continues into the battle of a multi beville middle school in montgomery county. ethnically offensive language and sexual images were painted on north bethesda middle school. they have been painted over now. graffiti was found on the beville middle school in potomac. police believe the two incidents are linked. -- two middle schools in
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potomac. there will be a government watchdog group to begin closely watching mortgages, credit cards, and other forms of land and under the. general david petraeus will relinquish his post in afghanistan to lieutenant general. john allen will begin his new job as head of the cia on august 5. nato is beginning and prepared to hand over provincial forces to a chemist and control. abc news reports president obama and house speaker john boehner are once again talking about a $4 trillion deal. the house will vote tomorrow on a bill to raise the debt ceiling. it would require congress to cut and cap spending and pass a balanced budget amendment. gold source to records in
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this morning's trading. >> more consumers are stocking up on grocery trips. linda bell is by the bloomberg headquarters. >> more americans looking to get more bang for their buck. they're looking to buy bigger quantities of things as retailers cut the price fall on multiple items at a time. 10 cans of tuna fish for $10. that gets to shoppers to buy more than what was originally on their shopping list. a professor at harvard says even though you would still get the same sales price by not buying 10 of the items they purchased the same 10 items anyway. cheaper feed is pushing farmers to lower pork prices, which would be good news for restaurants like cracker
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barrel. how much is america willing's stor -- willing to hear casey anthony's story in her own words? we will see. 71 degrees on this monday. >> developments in the british hacking scandal as a key player is arrested. >> a morale boost for the nation in mourning. the american women's soccer team has complications. more on the u.s. women's hard american world cup loss. >>
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welcome back. taking a live look at 395 at route 7. no big traffic issues yet this morning. we will have a traffic report coming up, but first adam caskey. we have a major heatwave on the way. >> it's going to be a hot week. 100 degrees by the end of the
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workweek and into the upcoming weekend. first let's look at what's happening outside. the beautiful weather from the early part of the weekend will not be extended into this week. it is july, after all. clear skies overhead. under strong complex fallen apart over michigan. some of the left over cloud cover may blow over head later this morning and into the midday. overall, a sunny day. 71 in sterling, 73 in landover, 72 in alexandria, 71 in rockville. sen saturday, scattered clouds, 93 degrees. partly cloudy tomorrow, scattered storms. the best chance of storms all week is tomorrow, in the morning and in the afternoon. 101 degrees on friday. we will be facing heat advisory is at that point. back to you. >> thank you. it's going to be a high today. i hope people enjoy the weekend.
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coming up, we will find out if carmageddon really turned into a disaster for california commuters. >> and a controversial
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texting are top stories casey anthony's whereabouts are not known. a day after she puffed out of a
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sordid tale after three years behind bars. she slipped away to a private plane. she was released early sunday nearly two weeks after she was acquitted of the 2008 murder of her daughter caylee. a 14-year-old boy was shot in southeast washington. he was shot around 10:00 last night on stanton road. investigators do not have any suspects or motive. he is in serious condition. much of the country will be working -- air-conditioner is in much of the country will be working overtime this week. and the humidity will make it feel much worse. stay tuned for heat warnings or advisory's. conflicting reports about the health of hosni mubarak. there was a claim the egyptian president suffered a stroke and is in a coma, but one of his doctor is says that is not true. he has been hospitalized since april and will stand trial in
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august on charges of abuse of power and killing protesters. the phone hacking scandal that closed one of the oldest newspapers in britain continues to balk at country. there was a stunning arrest on sunday columbine a resignation. now that report. >> rebekah brooks was rupert murdoch's protege and he considered her his other daughter. on sunday she went to scotland yard to answer questions about the cell phone hacking scandal that occurred when she was editor of the "news of the world." she was arrested. she has maintained all along she knew nothing of the alleged illegal activity by her reporters that they hacked into telephones of 4000 people. >> there's no way a reporter can come in with the kind of salacious stories that the paper was running without an editor saying how did you get the story? >> later in the day another
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bombshell, the head of scotland yard resigned. he said that he had no involvement in his fourth's failure to investigate alleged criminal acts by the journalists, or the alleged bribery of police officers by reporters. >> i have no knowledge of the extent of this dreadful practice. >> on tuesday rupert murdoch and his son james will appear before a committee of the british house of commons. the business world watches as the scandal threatens rupert murdoch's global media empire, which includes fox news and the wall street journal in the u.s. it remains to be seen if he can continue to lead this company or keep it together. abc news reporting. a bizarre incident at an arizona airport landed an irate passenger in and cups. the person is charged with sex abuse after police say that she groped a tsa agent. the incidents happened last thursday at sky harbor airport in phoenix. the colorado woman became
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argumentative when asked to go protect. . then she turned around and allegedly squeezed the best of the agent. she has been released from custody. a massive hailstorm grounded 100 flights on the weekend in denver. united cancelled 13 flights at denver international airport. three southwest airlines airplanes were damaged by hail as well. traffic moved smoothly along the infamous 405 in los angeles. dozens were preparing for the carmageddon on the weekend. a 10 mile stretch of highway shutdown. despite warnings, there were no major problems during the closure. sunday the crew aboard the space shuttle atlantis received a fitting way to call. -- with the calake-up call.
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♪ >> celebrate the good times ♪ >> atlantis will undock from the space station tomorrow and is expected to land at cape canaveral on thursday. turning to a disappointing defeat in the women's world cup. >> you could hear the collective groan. that was in sports bars in our area yesterday. it really looked like the u.s. women's team added for a while but the japanese won the game. it was not the outcome fans had hoped for, but they say they appreciate the team's valiant efforts. >> growing up during the 1990 gun, it's disappointing. this would have been a nice win. >> deck been needed this, they needed some good news. they are the first asian nation to win the world cup's. >> they sure did.
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i'm glad it was japan if there was one country that had to defeat us. 71 degrees outside, 4:50. >> up next, harry potter by the numbers. we will have details on the blockbuster weekend at the box office.
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time for a check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes
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4:53. >> i hope you enjoyed the weekend, because next weekend is not going to be as nice outside. now to adam caskey. >> i hope you enjoyed 82 degrees for the high-temperature on friday. it's back to reality today. you will feel the heat and humidity towards the end of the week. first, we do have a tropical storm brett at 75 nmiles north of. maximum sustained winds at 50 miles an hour. -- tropical storm arlene. 74 degrees in lexington park, 93 and sunny today. hot with a little humidity. but you will really feel it towards the end of the week and
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into the weekend. if scattered storms tomorrow morning and afternoon and evening. 101 degrees for the high temperature on friday. we are not seeing any serious delays on the beltway and new hampshire ave. all the trouble lanes are open. the construction on the outer loop has been moved out of the way. construction on the inner loop and 95 several lanes should be back open soon. 270 at hyattstown, no serious delays. in virginia, in springfield on no. 91 down 95 looks good. and it looks good at the 14th street bridge. back to you. >> thank you. this weekend was all about harry potter. the new movie set in the box office record. it opened at midnight on friday. the money is not stopped rolling in. "harry potter and the deathly hallows: part 2" brought in $116
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million in its first three days. that is just in the u.s. "the dark knight had $158 million, previously holding the record. growing controversy over a new restaurant policy. >> of pennsylvania restaurant is banning children younger than six from dining in the restaurant near pittsburg. the restaurant owner says that he's enforcing the policy because of requests from customers. >> last night's before the ban took place was the biggest night in our history in a show of support, people giving me the bonds up -- the thumbs -up. >> some parents say they would like to take your whole family and out to eat. 71 degrees.
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>> still ahead, following a developing story. boats have gone up in flames
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coming up, developing news. several boats and burned during an overnight fire in the district. >> and a bus crash kills two people and injuring dozens more.

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